Whistler Blackcomb's Epic Opening Week

by Adam Levitt |

Our home resort of Whistler Blackcomb kicked off their season with amazing conditions. With well over 200 cm's of snow falling in less than a week, many longtime locals were calling it the best opening days they've ever ridden. Check out the video below from Sandbox team rider Geoff Brown sampling some of the goods.

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Connections Films Kickstarter Campaign

by Adam Levitt |

Connections Film is a 3-year borderless snowboard-based documentary film featuring Sandbox riders Marie-France Roy and Tamo Campos that aims to explore the connection riders & environmentalists hold with the surroundings in which they explore. The movie will delve into this topic not only by snowboarding in some of the most remote and rugged places on Earth but also by shining a light on the perspective of indigenous cultures in all the places we visit. 

The goal is to explore topics of cultural and ecological conservation from the perspective of the legendary humans who've inhabited these places for generations. With snowboarders, filmmakers, and subjects from all over the world, Connections Movement are working to combine these vastly differing perspectives into a film that truthfully represents the environments that bring us all together. 

Pledge to their Kickstarter campaign here:

Check out the already filmed segments from Hokkaido, Andes, and Patagonia.

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