Geoff Brown: Out Of Service Teaser

by Adam Levitt |

Geoff Brown and his crew of snow gurus ventured out into the mountains in search of deep snow and good times. They headed to zones where cell phones lose service and instead are simply high-priced cameras. 

Check out all their antics in this teaser to their web-trilogy.

Song: I Can’t Dance by Mating Ritual

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Baldface: The Temple Of Snowboarding

by Adam Levitt |

Most people know that Sandbox founder, Kevin Sansalone, had an illustrious pro snowboard career: video parts, magazine coverage, a hugely successful pro model board with Option Snowboards, even an X-Games Big Air gold medal. Many don’t know when he’s not calling the shots at Sandbox, Sansalone works as a guide at one of the world’s snowboard meccas, Baldface Lodge. Check out this great feature from Teton Gravity Research HERE about the history of Baldface and it’s influence on the world of snowboarding.

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Whistler Blackcomb's Epic Opening Week

by Adam Levitt |

Our home resort of Whistler Blackcomb kicked off their season with amazing conditions. With well over 200 cm's of snow falling in less than a week, many longtime locals were calling it the best opening days they've ever ridden. Check out the video below from Sandbox team rider Geoff Brown sampling some of the goods.

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