November 01, 2019 1 min read

Sandbox Style & Safety

Sandbox helmets fuse protection and style that speaks to our roots in boardsports. Our aesthetic elevates the concept of head protection from a nuisance to a must-have accessory, whilst never compromising our commitment to quality and safety. As a uniquely rider owned company we understand the importance of creating products with industry leading protection that riders actually want to wear. That's why Chris Rasman trusts Sandbox when he's bombing backcountry lines and dropping huge cliffs.

Chris Rasman's Helmet Choice
Chris Rasman Helmet Quote
Chris Rasman Riding Backcountry

Chris Rasman uses the Legend Snow helmet for all of his backcountry adventures.

The Legend is our low profile, skate style helmet offering a timeless shape, comfortable fit and fully certified protection. With our custom fit pads, removable ear covers, removable goggle clip, big goggle bumper and all over ventilation you can stay comfortable and protected out on the mountain. 

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