Spring / Summer 2019 Gear Now Available!

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That's right... Our Spring / Summer 2019 Helmets, Softgoods, Sunnies and Accessories are now available. We have some awesome new colour ways along with some of your old favourites in both Classic 2.0 and Legend styles in the Low Rider and Street models.








We're excited to announce a brand new collaboration between Sandbox and The Cable Mag. We've released a brand new design and colourway in our Legend Low Rider model featuring custom, hand drawn artwork from Katja Saar and a custom Sandbox front logo. This will be available from our fine retailers across the globe.

The collab artwork is inspired by the cover art from The Cable Mag Issue 10 as seen below.





Fast Forward - Kayli Hendricks

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Kayli Hendricks has long been lighting up the park at Trollhaugen and now she’s teamed up with Veroniqi Hanssen on a new video series aimed at showcasing some of the talented women riders currently on the come up. The first Fast Forward edit can be watched above. Keep an eye out for the next one.

From Fast Forward:

First video in a series highlighting women’s riding in the industry. Kicking off the first one at Trollhaugen with a women’s progression event meant to inspire and support more women to expand into the park. During the making of these video’s we’re putting an emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint while encouraging others to do the same. After this season starter, keep an eye out for our next video as we move into the streets. Riders in order of appearance: Jacque Lammert, Hannah Peterson, Kristin Jessen, Kayli Hendricks, Madeline Kuss, Katie Kloes and Jenaya Jenkins. (Quick appearance of Veroniqi learning how to ride again after an injury.)

Quinn Silvernale - Alliance Urban ROTY

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If you’ve ever paid a visit to the Valdosta Wake Compound then you’ve definitely run across Quinn. Well not only is he one of the most progressive cable riders around, he is on the forefront of the winching craze. Not afraid to take on any drop, gap, ledge, or handrail, Quinn was charging it all year long and had an awesome part in The Coalition The Sequel. Quinn is a mad man and we're stoked he's the Alliance Wake Urban Rider of the Year.


Quinn's full part in Space Mob



Quinn snagged the cover of the Alliance Wake 2018 Photo Annual (photo: Mathis)


Back Lip, Quinn Silvernale (photo: Mathis)

'MADE FOR TV' by Out of Service

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The crew at Out of Service just dropped their latest full length movie 'Made for TV'.

Sandbox Team rider Geoff Brown along side Ryan PatersonBruce JohnstonTyler MortonDuncan MainlandJason Gretzinger, and Tristan Hansen explore some sizeable backcountry lines, pillows and booters. 

Shoutout to the Out of Service media: Vanessa Yenna ChanRyan Kenny and Luke McDowall 

You've also got the chance to score the entire soundtrack from all 3 seasons of Out of Service. Simply share the Facebook Video above and send Out of Service a DM after you share and they'll hook you up with a download link!

Geoff with a Frontside 360 Tail Grab - Photo by Luke McDowall 

Featured - Snowboard Pro Camp

by Phil Smith |

What is Snowboard Pro Camp you ask? Good question... they're a YouTube & Social Media channel that creates tutorial content ranging from gear & product reviews to tricks & tips for improving your snowboarding and much more.

Spearheaded by Kevin Pearce, they have over 350k+ subscribers on YouTube and a strong following on Instagram to back it up. The best part... they've chosen Sandbox as they're exclusive helmet brand to use for all their riding & content.

We've shared some of their content below, but make sure you head over to their channel and Instagram to subscribe and give them a follow and see more of their great content.


Above: Kevin & TJ from Snowboard Pro Camp dropping into
Sandbox HQ with some beanies for the office crew.


Above: The Snowboard Pro Camp garage full of goods
ready to review. Spot the Sandbox helmets ;-)


Three quick questions from SnowboardProCamp founder Kevin Pearce:

When did you start Snowboard Pro Camp and Why?

In 2011 I started making videos for SnowboardProCamp with the goal of making snowboarding available to everyone. I spent ten seasons snowboarding in Whistler and always wanted to share the experience outside of the Whistler bubble. I thought YouTube could be the perfect place to share snowboard knowledge where people could access it for free.

What do you guys love most about Sandbox and why is Sandbox your number one choice for snowboard helmets?

I've been wearing Sandbox helmets now for more than a decade. Sandbox has been my go to brand because it's iconic with Whistler and also because of the simple, skate inspired design. It's a helmet that protected me many times over the years, so I always highly recommend it to anyone getting into snowboarding!

What can we expect to see coming next from the crew at Snowboard Pro Camp?

The next step for SnowboardProCamp is to travel to more snowboard destinations around the world to make content. Each time we arrive at a new mountain or town we discover a new way of riding the mountain and a different take on snowboard culture. We're also having a blast meeting the people around the world who are part of our online snowboard community! Next month we're in Niseko, Japan for the first time and hope to experience the legendary Japow!


Above: The Snowboard Pro Camp YouTube channel.
Packed full of great tutorial content!


See the Sandbox Legend Snow - White featured in their video below: